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Hello, my adult son lives with us and cannot work due to several health problems. What do I need to do to make sure he can stay on my work health insurance after he is 26? Thanks.

The Affordable Care Act states that individuals may remain on their parents' policy as dependents until 26. Over the past 4 years, I have not read any research allowing exceptions to that law. I would ask an attorney to research that for you.

It might be in yours and his best interest to place your son on an individual plan of his own. Unless you currently have multiple children on the group plan, individual coverage is going to be less expensive than Employee + Children or Employee + Family on the group plan. The only exception would be if the employer pays for a good portion of the dependent cost, which is very unlikely. Many people insure the employee only on the employer plan because the rate must be covered by the employer at no less than 50% of the lowest cost plan offered. Then, the rest of the family enrolls in an individual plan because the cost is typically lower. Not all the time though.

All in all, speak with an attorney, because I have not read or heard anything that would allow exceptions to the 26 years old mandate. If there is, there is legal jargon associated with that that I am not capable of discussing.

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