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My Mom found a statement from this company from Murfreesboro, Tenn. in their lock box.  We have no idea what it was but my dad kept the invoice.  He has just recently passed and we are wondering what it is.  It is on my brother and I .  My policy # is 071A2185 and my brothers was 071A2186. I think it might be a funeral expense policy since its just for my brother and I. One of my older sisters was killed in a car accident in 1976 and my other sister had moved out on her own. That's why im thinking it was taken out after her death since it was just on us two younger siblings.  Any help would be appreciated.

Hello, Cindy:

I'm sorry for your loss, understanding what a sad and busy time it is for you. Until recently I had no idea just how much work is involved when a loved one passes away. With my father's passing last year the work seemed to never end, and his affairs were basically in order before he passed away. Sadness and work is a tough combination isn't it?

I found this information on the Internet... "National Savings Life Insurance Company of Murfreesboro, TN was acquired by Victory Life Insurance Company, which in turn was acquired by United Fidelity Life Insurance Company, Kansas City, MO. Over the years, blocks of NSL policies have been sold to various carriers, so if you have an old NSL policy, it might take some detective work to find which company is now servicing your policy." United Fidelity contact information may be found here..

Another website worth checking out periodically is I have used this website for years. is a database of governmental unclaimed property records. The website is straightforward, no gimmicks, no requirement to register, pay a fee, etc. Because your father recently passed away, I recommend checking the website database every six months for the next few years. Life insurance companies, utility companies, banks, etc. all report to local and federal agencies any money they are holding but cannot pay out for a variety of reasons, and will have a record of those funds.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you.

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