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Dear Mr Brumbaugh,
This is probably a common question but I can't see any past information on it. What kind of life insurance is best? I have read a little about term, whole and hybrid. I am 60 and the insured my husband is 59.
Our current insurance for the house and auto is really too expensive for life insurance, over 350$ per month for 10 year term-$500,000.
So I didn't want to call our agent and ask him questions.
I also need to decide on what company to use or maybe better to know what company not to use.
Thank you

Dear Kim,

I'd rather not specify by name any particular company that you should avoid. I might leave out one or more that should be on the list. However, I recommend that you avoid any insurance agent that tells you that there is only one type of policy that you should consider.

There are many good companies. In my opinion you cannot do better with any of them than you can do with Ohio National Life. This is a mutual life insurance company with very competitive Whole Life and Term Life products to choose from.

Mutual life insurance companies, by definition, do not have stock holders. The profits of these companies are credited to the policy owners in proportion to their participation with them.

In order to get the most complete answer to your question, you need the answers that I have provided in my report, 'Life Insurance and Retirement - the Unvarnished Truth'. You may have this report by sending your request to

The information is general in nature. So, getting the report is your next step. Following that, if you want specific recommendations, I would need to know more about you and your situation. This is information best shared in a less public communication than we have here. You can contact me by the above e-mail address or call me at (888) 792-2379.

The web address that I see at the bottom of this answer may be in error. I am in the process
of building a new site.

October 22, 2014

I feel as though I have not provided the information sufficiently addressing your questions. Part of this is due to the fact that there is no one right answer to all life insurance needs. I would like to send you my report. Its twelve chapters will fully explain what you need to know to gain understanding about what is right for you. Please contact me at or (888) 792-2379

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