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My mother is 62 years old and  has become permanent resident in DEC. 2013 and I sponsored her. She has not spent 5 years as permanent resident.
1.Can she apply for WA state medicaid(its called apple health, I asking because I read somewhere that only 5 years old GC holders can apply for either medicaid or medicare but each state is different ...what about WA state?
2,And since I am the sponsor do I have to repay the benefits if she gets medicaid health coverage in WA state?
3.Is medicaid offered by WA state is mean tested public benefit?

I'm only going to give you some non-specific information.  Up until Obama insurance was regulated by the states, however the Feds change the rules daily.  As for medicaid, as you no doubt have discovered medicaid is still run by the states, however for the first three years the Feds are granting money to the states to pay for it's expansion.  After that, at least as it stands now, the states will continue to monitor medicaid, however now they have to dance to Obama Care.  What is often called an "Unfunded mandates", that is while the Feds tell the states what to do, they will not grant any money to implement.  

States have the ability to decide who is eligible, though again within ObamaCare guidelines.  It's common for older people, confined to a nursing home to apply, and receive medicaid.  they pretty much have to be broke, with only a few items.  I should share that the Feds go back three years, then make the applicant explain what assets they have disposed of and where the proceeds are.  It's called "In anticipation".  I again want to remind you I am only licensed in NJ and Florida, so I can only address specifics regarding those two states.  Nevertheless Insurance Commissioners have long gotten together to try and work out plans of a similar nature.  Therefore it's not uncommon to see similar programs administered by the States to be very much alike.  Also, once covered if she stays within the guidelines (staying within her approved Dr. and facilities list)  No one, except the taxpayer, has to pay anything, and though you "sponsored" her I don't see much chance of you being billed for her care.

According to what I learned in becoming certified to deal with ObamaCare for Florida residences.  Considering insurance is now mandated I don't think one need be a long term resident to apply for medicaid.  

It would be my considered opinion if she meets the financial requirements, and US citizen she stands a good chance of admission.  

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