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Life & Health Insurance/estate tax on life insurance?


Is my son liable for estate tax on my life insurance which will have no accumulated cash value upon my demise?

First off, it is your estate, not the recipients of your assets, that is responsible for the estate tax.  

Right now the exempt amount is around $5 million of assets so if you're under that you should be ok.

That said, on life insurance it depends on who the owner is (not the beneficiary -- the policy owner).

The owner is the one, for example, that has the right to change beneficiaries or anything else to do with the policy.  You can change ownership with a simple form the insurance company can give you.

If you die owning the policy, then the death benefit is calculated into the estate-taxable value of your estate regardless of who actually gets it; but if someone else owns it, like your son the beneficiary, then it is not part of the estate tax asset calculations.  I hope that helps.  

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