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what can be done when a life insurance is paid out to the wrong person wherein the person who was paid the life insurance policy did so by doing the following;
1. filing a false affidavit that she was the guardian of the beneficiaries (minors - fraudulent person's nephews)
2. Withheld facts of contents of affidavit from person who signed affidavit as a witness (defrauded this person, as well)
3. Never informed mother of children nor children (beneficiaries) that a life insurance policy was in place at time of father's death (mother of children and person who died never married, but had children together)
4. After having received $400,000.00, continues to conceal this information from true beneficiaries (her nephews)

First, I apologize for the delay in responding to you.  I've been ill lately and just got back in the groove today.
If all the facts you outlined are accurate, you have a serious criminal situation and should contact the district attorney in your community as soon as possible.  Determining jurisdiction in this case could be tricky if the affadavit was signed in a different area than you reside in, but I would suggest starting with your own local D.A.
In addition, the insurer was very negligent (in my opinion) by paying the benefits to a person based solely on their own affidavit and without consulting any other family members.
Good luck,
Bill Hezzelwood

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