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Could you tell me what happens to a adult disabled dependents health insurance when the policy holder of the health insurance passes away?(new york state)


I am not licensed in your state, and possibly there are local insurance regulations that must be taken into consideration in this particular situation. That said, an educated guess would be that the adult dependent has several options. Depending on their age, possibly they may continue coverage on the current plan up to the age of 26. Once they reach the age of 26 they would simply obtain their own policy. Through the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies may no longer deny coverage based on medical history, so enrolling in coverage should not be an issue.
The passing of the policyholder is a, "qualifying event," for the dependent when it comes to purchasing health insurance outside of the annual open enrollment period at the end of each year. If the adult dependent cannot, or wishes not to, continue on the current plan, they will have 60 days from the last date of coverage on the current plan to obtain another policy. I strongly suggest that they visit to enroll or research their options, or find a local broker for assistance. Though I am not familiar with the NY health insurance exchange mentioned above (the link,) typically these government websites also include information on other assistance programs that the applicant may qualify for in addition to health insurance and premium assistance.

Please feel free to ask any follow-up questions you may have.

Thank you.

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