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Hello I have a life insurance policy  loan That is 2,400 dollars I took it out after I filed bankruptcy .Because I have so much financial hardship  Job loss other things no stability  And i  still not able to pay it I can little hear And there But it is  not getting anywhere because of the interest. I talk to Prudential that is who the loan is with And if i  surrender cancel the loan i would get the cash value of 600.00 And would not have to pay the loan  What i would like to know Should i  just cancel my policy And not have the loan over my head Because finacally it seem like i haven't been able to get back on my feet And i don't see That I am going to be able to pay it. Or if i  do will be paying it for the rest of my life . Is Life insurance something you  really need to have Thank  you Carolyn

Your last sentence is the key to the whole thing..."Is life insurance something you need to have?"
Clearly, many people need life insurance, but many don't.  If there is a person who would suffer financial hardship as a result of your death, then you may want to consider having a life insurance policy to provide them with some funds upon your death and that person should be named as the beneficiary of the policy.
If there is no such person, then you probably don't need life insurance.
Your message did not give me some important information, such as the current amount of the death benefit (before reduction by the loan balance), and the amount of premium you are paying into the policy each year.  Is the $2,400 the amount of the original loan, or is it the current loan balance?
If you can provide me with this additional information I would be able to give you more specific advice.
Bill Hezzelwood

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