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QUESTION: Hi I am a 70yo female nonsmoker. I applied for whole life policy in state of Texas. The company of course called me to verify some questions and 2 of the wire they asked me was have I ever taken prednisone and also have I ever used to air inhaler. I said yes to both as I have used prednisone for a sore throat and cough several years ago. Will that answer make me be ineligible to get whole life insurance? O have no health issues at all. Please advise thanks


I am sorry I took so long to answer your question.  You should not be turned down for your life insurance.  The one question I have is why are you buying whole life at your age.  If it is a small amount $5-10,000 then whole life is OK.  If you are buying a larger amount there are other types of permanent polices that are cheaper than whole life, such as Universal Life.  This is like term to 120 years old.

I am licensed in Texas and can help you.

Please call if you have any other questions.


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QUESTION: Ok why did they ask me if I take Pro air it prednisone? I think  term would only cover me for about 10 to 15 yrs no?


They have the right to ask you medical questions for underwriting purposes.

You are right about term which can go as long as 30 years, but not at your age.

What I was talking about in Universal Life.  It is a permanent policy up to age 120.  You can also buy it to age 90, 95, 100, 105.  I said it acts like term in that it has no cash value.  It is good if you are looking for the death benefit not cash value.

It is cheaper than whole life, way cheaper.

Call if interested.

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