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Life Support Issues/congestive heart failure


Have had swollen ankles and feet for 3 years, and shortness of breath more progressive. I am tiring more easily and more quickly. 2 days ago I could not swallow and regurgitated a bowl full of white mucus. Since then all has been normal in the eating and swallowing. What should i expect from here on! ( I am 84)
thank you

Hello MacGregor and thank you for writing,

I apologise for my very tardy response but my laptop was acting up and I have had a heck of a time getting on-line for the past 2-3 weeks.  

Before I answer your question, may I ask what medications and at what dose you are currently taking, if they have been increased at all in the past few months, and how often you see your doctor?  If you could also share with me any other treatment options you have in place like Oxygen, puffers, etc, that would help.

Thanks so much,

Life Support Issues

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