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Diane Roberts wrote at 2015-01-08 16:24:53
Hi Pat, my mum's 88 and has dementia and is immobile.  Gradually over the last couple of years she's started to sleep for much, much longer than before, and now after having a bout of pneumonia which I nursed her through as she lives with me, she's sleeping for 20 hours a day. Two carers wake her, wash her, get her out of bed, dress her, and wheel her from her bedroom into her lounge. She then has a cup of tea and maybe a few spoons of cereal but then falls asleep with her legs up on her reclining sofa, and doesn't wake until around The carers return to put her in bed at 8.30 and she doesn't wake in the night. She used tobe on lots of medication which she now refuses to take and she eats hardly anything. I think this part of old age for those who can't really enjoy life and can't respond to stimulation. Ask her what she thinks of her life - my mum says she wants to die and I change the subject but I think what she says is a genuine reflection of the fact that she feels unhappy because she can't actually do anything and half the time is frightened because she doesn't know where she is. Good luck.

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