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Life Support Issues/Should dying people be put on life support


Peaches wrote at 2008-04-01 16:38:08
I think certain people should be kept on life support because they are dying. But I'm saying that people that are dying should have the option or their family should have the option of keeping them on life support.  But certain people wanna go head on and they don't wanna stay in this world but they do wanna go to heaven. They are having a time with this.  People that I know would like to go on and rest in peace. Other people want to stay on this earth.

Me wrote at 2008-04-01 17:18:46
Yes, I understand that most people are dying these days but everybody is going to die. But maybe someone like me or your family wants to stop you from doing that. I know if my momma was in the stage of dying, I would try to help her. It depends most people want to die in their death bed. But anyways, people want to die these days so they can go to heaven and meet the one above. Would you want to be helped before you die? I know I probably would, but if God really wants me in his house then I guess you really can't help me at all. If God really wants you, can't nobody help you. Your really on your own, but im saying that your going to die anyway. But certain people would like to live longer than other people.

Haley wrote at 2010-03-02 20:01:20
I think that dying people should be kept on life support because they could have a chance to live. Just because they are put on life support doesn't mean that they are going to die.They might get better you never know if you just take them off without a chance.By the way doctors aren't always right. Studies show that doctors make more mistakes when it comes to your health care than a teacher. The doctor might tell you that you are dying and only have two weeks to live but you go to several other doctors and they say I say nothing wrong. No one knows when it's your time to go but God. The people should be able to make their decision, and if they aren't able to make it then their parents or spouse. I can honestly say that I have had a loved one on life support. My dad was on life support the last three months of his life and the doctors said he wouldn't make it but I think that he could.They just decided to take him off and it hurt me soooooo bad.  

Coondogg wrote at 2013-04-11 12:40:27
i  think we should have life support because nobody wants to suffer in a hospital bed. also its funny how people actually start liking you and wanting to take care of you when your very sick or liking not because the feel bad because they want to see what you put in your will for them. everybody love you when your six feet under. i  know about you but i wouldn't want hooked up to a machine to suffer longer if its time to go its time to go. god is great beer is good and people are crazy. why would you want hooked up to a robot to keep you alive to do nothing but lay in a hospital bed sick and dieing. i  know about you but i wouldn't want to suffer. i would like to die in my sleep because i  want to feel the pain of dieing and i wouldn't never know im dead cause i didn't wake up sounds great to me. i just dont want to suffer and feel pain in the hospital who wants to suffer to be alive those machines could break down them what.. all i am saying

bob wrote at 2013-04-11 12:43:00
people should not be on life support nobody wants to suffer

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