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fluorescent light box
fluorescent light box  
Hello. I have recently purchased a 1990 home with a HUGE fluorescent light box in the kitchen. I am a do-it-yourselfer and want to update this light with a trestle and a few recessed lights. When we remove the light box, it will be impossible to replicate the texture of the rest of the ceiling, and I don't want to have to redo the entire ceiling, which is large. So my thought was to put up some molding to edge the rectangular area left by the light box and put in tin ceiling tiles as a decorative treatment within that area, painted to match the ceiling. Then the lights would be a part of that rectangular area. I hope I have adequately described this plan. However, does it sound like it would look good? Or do you have any other suggestions about what to do with the rectangular area in the ceiling that will not match? I don't want it to look cobbled together.

That is a very creative idea, and i like it. I can't see where the table is but i see you have a pendant beyond this room. Maybe you can leave all the trim of the fluorescent fixture
(which looks beautiful) and where the inside of the box is you could make a wooden return so you can leave the trim alone. Now what could be done is to install four small directional (low voltage MR16 lamps) within the box. and suspend four small glass fixture by cable not rods,Like you have, on each of the wooden corner plates. Just drill a hole and let the casble come thru. the cover plate would be up inside the wooden box. The downlights must be adjustable so you could hit the four corners of  the table. The suspended fixture beyond uses a rod. You could still use the tin ceiling.
After i reviewed my answer i wouldlike to clearify that you should insall the downlights in the newly exposed ceiling where you are going to use the Tin.

Great project!!!
I'm a wood butcher myself and i think it could work well.
Tony C.

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