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Lighting Design/Lighting issues for 7.5" Bristol pine wonder tree…please help!!!


Hi, I'm having a holiday decorating lighting issue. I recently purchased a pre-owned 7.5" Bristol pine wonder tree. This came in it's original box with all parts included, but no instructions or diagram for the lighting. I have the tree put together, but it has 1,000 lights on about 8 or 9 different cords. Some are labeled "a", "b" and "c", others are not labeled. There is also some sort of controller box in the middle of the tree with a clicker and more plug ins. Most of the light strands have plugs that can be plugged in or plugged into. There are a few that have no prongs and can only be plugged into. I've done my best to locate as many plugs as I can but no matter what I do I can't get the lights to work right. They are all attached to the tree, so I don't really know if I've even found all of the plugs since I don't have the instructions or diagram. I would love to know if I have all of this plugged in correctly or not. If it is correct and half of the lights are still out at least I'll know it's the bulbs that need to be checked. Could you please send me a copy of the instructions, a diagram or a link to them?? The box says this item was purchased from jcpenneys home collection but I can no longer find it on their site. thank you so much.

I have a three part tree as well, each section is labeled A,B,C. Each section plug's into each other, it sounds like you might have a central plug for all three to plug into.
All i could tell you is to:
1. plug the main plug into the wall outlet.
2. plug in A,B,C. into your main cord that goes into the wall outlet.
3. all the other plugs should then go  into the A, B or C section plug
If this doen't work you might want to take it back and get one with directions. My tree was my second also one whole section of lights didn't work at all. (bad wiring job?)
Good luck. But i really don't have a book on how to lug in your tree, sorry.
Tony C

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