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Tony, What would be the best choice for replacing ceiling fluorescent lights (been in the office area for 30 years)?  It's a large office area with limited natural lighting available. Thank you.  I could send pictures if that would help.

After 30 years you probably need to change the lamp types from t12 to 18 anyway. Not many people sell T12 lamps. ( they are the big fat lamps 1 1/4"dia.) T8's are 1"dia.
Not having availability of day light is a concern. For whatever you buy make sure to place them close to the walls so you get some vertical illumination for your eye's.
I really like the 2x4 or 2x2 style "Basket fixture" it is recessed like your present ones but the lamps are in the center of the fixture and bounce the light up into a reflector in the fixture. This give you a very good volume of light , it's soft and provides an even distribution. Here is a web site that will show you what they look like and how they operate.
There are many companies that make this product so if your lighting distribution store doesn't carry this one show them the cuts and they will give you an alternate.
Not knowing the size of the room i can't give you an accurate count on how many you night need.I would nee to know 1. length width, and height of the ceiling. 2 what type of work is done in the room so i can determine what your footcandle need to be.
Good luck Tony C

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