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QUESTION: I received an outdoor pole lighting fixture, never used/still in the original box.  It appears to have been made by Harmony House and distributed by Sears, Roebuck and co.  Only after examining the packaging did I find that it was from 1956.  The slip shows that it cost $298.69 (which sounds really high for that time period!).  Can you tell me if there is any value in it.  Also, I considered installing it but I wasn't sure if it would be safe.

ANSWER: Yes if it is made out of copper your rich. But otherwise it is about $100 in scrap metal.
Is it a decorative Pole? Maybe to the manufacturer but I never heard of this mfr. and I'm old.
If you want to put it up and use it, it will still work assuming it's not a really long pole. Before you try to use it you may want to measure the opening at the top of the pole, (better to do it while it is on the ground) Just saying. and make sure that you an get a fixture that will still fit the diameter of the pipe. I would think you can because electrical products come in very standard sizes, and they really have not changed, even today with all the new technology.
Good luck. send me a photo, I may know someone that can use it . I'm in NJ.
Tony C

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fixture 2
fixture 2  
QUESTION: Hi!  Thank you for the quick response.  It is the fixture that I have, not the pole.  The only thing that I could find on the mfr. were vintage interior vintage light fixtures for sale on ebay, nothing in the way of outdoor.  I am attaching photos so that you can see (I did not want to remove the cardboard packaging which you will see around the hurricane portion).  There are glass panels in the box that go around the exterior, which are not pictured.  I included the wiring so that you may be able to tell me whether or not it can be installed safely.  There is gold around the base but I wasn't able to attach a 3rd picture.

Ok now I understand you have the fixture and not the pole. I couldn't imagine someone saving a pole from 1956. this fixture looks great it can certainly be used. I would box it up and take it to an electrical distribution store. not a big box store . ask the salesman at the desk which kind of pole you can buy that would match the fixture. I can't tell how large it is to tell you what height pole to buy. It certainly isn't an antique fixture just old.

Tony C

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