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I am renovating my ensuite bathroom, measures approximately 4 1/2 feet wide by 10 feet in lenght. Ceiling height is regular (8 feet I think). The only light fixtures I am proposing on utilizing will be two bathroom vanity fixtures (wall scones) to be placed above a vanity 48 inches wide on each side of a mirror 25 inches wide. The vanity will be installed against a side and back wall.
What specifications should I be looking for in a bathroom light to ensure that the two fixtures will provide sufficient light for the entire space, and do you recommend that the fixture be mounted to project the light up or down? And where should the sockets be installed in relation to the placement from the mirror and height from the countertop?
Thank you.

Good questions
1. the placement of the fixture sounds correct.
2. I always like to use a 100watt A lamp. Put this on a dimmer switch, this way you get the amount of light you like for any time or need. Some dimmer switches will allow you to keep the light level low if you want and then bump it up for putting on makeup.
3. If you are putting the sconces on the wall next to the mirror they should be located just above your eye height or at least 24 to 30inches above the counter top.
4. if these lights are located at this height it wont matter if they are up-lighting or down lighting. I would buy a clear or frosted design this way it doesn't matter.

Now if you want to save money you could buy a fixture that only needs one junction box over the center of the mirror and have two chain hung fixtures down the sides of the mirror from this box. This would be considered swag hung look into this on google for some ideas. Go to

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