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QUESTION: I will be remodeling my master bath and am unsure of the type of light and placement as well. I will have two 36" vanities with a 24" space between. The counter will span the entire 96". Right now there is one large mirror that is 96" wide and has one fixture directly in the center. I am considering replacing the one large mirror with 2 smaller ones. I have looked through many design magazines and online and 90% of what I see have sconces beside the mirrors. When shopping for bathroom lighting 90% of what I see in the stores are the vanity light bars. What would be your suggestion?

ANSWER: The lights on the sides or each mirror is the best for illuminating the face. But that may be difficult. Do you put three lights with one in the middle and one on each outside area. or do you try to squeeze 2 in between the mirrors.
It all comes down to style.there are so many choices it is a tough decision. try to think out of the box.. look at swagging the lights to each side of the mirrors. look at down lighting (recessed cans in the ceiling. What i usually suggest is that you look through magazines, especially bathroom mag's. this will give you ideas. you may decide on a combination of fixtures. but remember to light your face for make-up and/ shaving the light to the side of the mirror is the best while the light bars are usually the brightest. some combinations i would look at is side sconces with adjustable downlights on the sink.This can give your bathroom the special look if you put them on different dimmer switches. you could us the downlights only for when you take a luxury bath for ambiance.Try to buy fixtures that can take a 100watt lamp. this will give you the availability to put it on a dimmer and get the quantity of light you need for any task.
SOOOOO many choices.
take your time look at photos of high end baths. you don't need big bucks you could achieve the same look with any budget.
Good luck
Tony C.
sorry it took so long to answer you, busy weekend.

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QUESTION: Thank you for the great information. From what you have suggested I am going to install a light bar above each sink. The 24" space in between is for a makeup area and I have a lighted mirror for that. My next question is what size (or length) do I put above each the 36" vanity areas? Do I get a 2-light or 3-light bar? Sink will be centered in the vanity.

I would use a two light bars and put both bars on one switch. Make sure you buy light bars that can take 100watt bulbs. If not you will need a three light bar at 60watts.I think that may look too crowded on the wall. You could always put it on a dimmer if it is too bright.
Tony C.

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