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upper living room view
upper living room view  

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I live in (and own) a two level townhouse-type unit where the upstairs bedroom area is a loft overlooking the living area. Due to various issues in design, mainly the limited number of hardwired lighting fixtures, the part of the downstairs that isn't underneath the loft gets pretty dark for much of the day and all night, and the basic lamp on a nightstand upstairs that I've been using to provide enough light to not trip over things in the living room just isn't cutting it - it's enough to walk around safely but not enough to read by. I want to replace it - the brass base stands out like a sore thumb, but when you're desperately in need you'll accept just about anything, which I did when I my parents offered the lamp to me before they moved out of state. The thing is, I don't have a lot of floor space to spare, that part of the room has few outlets, a vaulted ceiling, and absolutely no hardwired fixtures. I am providing a picture of the current area and the idea I had for lighting; I need to know what the options are for achieving a reasonably similar look, without having to bring in an electrician. There are electrical outlets about 5 feet from the actual corner where the wall and patio door meet on the first level, an another is on the second level at roughly twice that distance. Since I'm looking for long-term-use lighting, battery power seems unlikely to be cost-effective. Since I own the unit, drilling holes and putting up cord-covers are fine, I'm just not comfortable with doing complicated DIY - I can totally see myself with a bunch of holes cut in the drywall and on the phone trying to find someone to come and fix the mess I've made, leaving me with even less money than before.

I'm not sure exactly what you want to do but the paper fixtures you show looks appropriate. Now how to get wiring down to the receptacle in the loft or in the living room.
you'll want to control it from either space right? I would plug it in upstairs in the loft. What you will need to do is some electrical re-wiring of the fixture. The fixture will come wit some excess cord but probably not enough. You will need to add some more cord, or rewire from the lamp socket. Buy a spool of clear #14 electrical lamp cord. Talk to your salesman in the electrical supply store where you buy the hanging fixture. Tell him what you want to do, he should be able to explain it to you. You may need to hang the fixture from a hook in the middle of the room and swag the electrical cord to your bed area receptacle. Swagging a lamp is sometimes done with chain, I'm sure you have seen this before. so measure the distance from the middle of the room area to your receptacle and don't forget to measure down from the ceiling to the receptacle. Then you can plug it into a device like i am showing you in the url.
This can be done very easily with a little planning and some help from your salesman on buying all the needed parts.
Good Luck.
Tony C

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