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Hi, I purchased this chandelier at an auction and was wondering if you could give me any information about it's value,age, period,origin etc.It came with around 145 crystals some shown on it and extras in box some of them are quite big drops. Any information would be kindly appreciated. Thank you

Looks like a great pick-up especially at an Auction but it is so hard to tell with a photo. If I were you I would take it to an lighting show room. (not a box store)
Crystals are hard to determine if they are real or just cheap cut glass. Check your area for lighting manufacturers especially ones that make chandeliers. May be the lighting show room can give you a better idea of a local that can help. I have designed many chandeliers and I always used real crystal mfr. but they all came from Europe not our continent.
here is a mfr that is now in NY.
North and South America
Swarovski Lighting
61 Industrial Boulevard
Plattsburgh, New York 12901-1908
Tel. +1 800 836 1892 or +1 518 563 7500
Fax. +1 518 563 4228  
Good luck and sorry I can't help
Tony Carango

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