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I have a 4 foot by four foot pastel painting which is behind regular glass. It needs a lot of light to show it well. What is the best way to light it to minimize glare?

People don't realize how difficult this task can be to get it right.
How this works is that light reflects in the opposite angle as it hits the object.
So.. What I want you to do is to put a dot on the wall where you plan to hang the painting. center the dot , now stand in front of the dot with your back against the wall. look directly forward and point to and area on the ceiling that is directly out of your peripheral vision. that is where you need to put both recessed adjustable downlights or track fixtures. This should be approx. 30inches from the wall and approx. 30inches from each side of your center line. So now what will happen when you stand in front of the painting any light will reflect back down to your waist or chest and not your eyes. If you use a track lighting fixture this would be easier. Use an 8ft track about 24 to 30 inches from wall and adjust the lights as needed to stop any glare in your eyes.
As far a lamping for a pastel painting I still like to us an incandescent source or a halogen.
Use a Par30 65watt + - with a spread lens this will help soften the light on the painting.
Hope this isn't too much info. but you asked.
Go to an electrical supply distributor for the lights and track and lamps. don't ask the big box stores they don't know the diddley.
Good luck
Tony C
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