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QUESTION: Hello, thanks for taking my question.
My dining room is 12x16, my table 44x87, 12 foot cathedral ceiling. The chandelier I am looking at purchasing is this Elk crystal branch one

Is this too large for my room?


ANSWER: I don't think it would be your room is fairly high and long. Normally we look to have the chandelier to be a little more than half the width of the table, but by the ceiling being so high it shouldn't matter. Try this trick draw a cross section of your room. 12 foot wide x 12ft high box. install your table 44" wide the height is usually 30" high. now draw you fixture in 33" wide and 33" tall. place it about 30"  above your table. Normally this height would be 20 to 24" abv table. but because of the clg height this would look better.
Have fun draw a little and be sure. If not you should always take it back. Just don't connect the electricity .
Good Luck Tony C

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am also considering a lantern style chandelier, not exactly this one in the photo but similar. I have very traditional style dining room furniture, complete with persian rug, I would like to add a transitional light fixture so the room is a bit more updated looking. In your professional opinion which light fixture would do that, the elk chandelier in my first question or a lantern style.   If it is the lantern style what size should I be looking for. Thank you.

Sorry I didn't get notified that you had a follow up question.
The lantern style probably would be better in this situation. The size would be that the diameter of the chandelier is a little more than half the width of the table. However if the ceiling is very high, like 12 to 18ft. then that width doesn't matter. The height above the table would be what matters. So 12 to 18 feet ceilings the chandelier can have 2 or 3 levels of light bulbs. bottom of fixture can be 5 to 6 feet above floor. it is all relative to the height of the room.
Tony C

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