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The metal halide lamp is a mercury vapor lamp with halide salt added?

I don't think they are necessarily band, but they need more power and don't last as long as some newer designed lamps. High pressure sodium (orange color) was the lamp that replaced it. Now the source to use is Light emitting diodes this not rely a lamp in that sense but an electronic system that excites a diode to the point of it glowing. This source has a life expectancy of almost 100,000 hours. More in colder climates, while the other were only 20,000 to 25,000 hours max.
Now I have a question about Puglia region. My grandparents came from a town on the outskirts called Biccari,there last names were Guesippi Catalano, and  Cristina DiSantis. We plan on visiting next  year,is this village easy to get to if we stay in Foggia.
Thanks Tony Carango.

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