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Hello Christopher.

I'm sure you know of the famous phenomenon whereby words (like "nu-cle-ar") get mispronounced as nuk'-u-lar.

My question is, does this process, of what I informally call "flipping" of (usually intermedial syllables), have a proper name?


I am not entirely sure that I understand your question:  Firstly, I doubt I would describe this as a "famous phenomenon"; and it is not necessarily being "mispronounced".

To my knowledge, there is one famous person who pronounces the word, nuclear, as "nukler" and that is former US president, George W Bush.  As to why he says it like that, there are any number of reasons: It's affected; he's lazy; it's dialectical.

Pronunciations of a word vary from region to region and state to state, country to country even across a city (Boston, London, etc...).

Without any empirical evidence, that is all that I can tell you.

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