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Did Dante's book, The Divine Comedy, have any influence on the catholic church?


though the Catholic Church has never declared Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy  doctrinally incorrect,it is clear that this work, which is universally thought to be about the repercussions of sin on the human life on earth and then on the afterlife,just according to the Catholic orthodoxy, was not completely appreciated by the Catholic  hierarchies, especially because Dante puts some popes such as Boniface VIII, Nicholas III and Clement V in the Hell(see for example  Inferno, Canto XIX, Circle VIII where there are the simoniacs, i.e. people who sell holy offices for a fee).

Actually Dante, who was however a devout Catholic, simply wanted to restore the original purity of purpose in the Church.

As for your question “Did Dante's book, The Divine Comedy, have any influence on the Catholic Church?”, the  answer is in the negative, if you refer to any  change  Dante can have caused  within  the Church.

If on the contrary you are thinking about a moral action directed to all  believers, I can answer in the affirmative, since the Divine Comedy is  not only  the best literal expression of medieval culture, but also an artistical representation of every man’s conversion and a praise of  the necessity of a moral and religious renew for everybody, in order to get ready for the afterlife and to ascend to Heaven.

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