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Hi Tue,

I have two word-meaning questions and a pronunciation one:

the meaning of "Slents" in this sentence: Cleopatra found Antonius's jests and slents to be but gross.

The meaning of "Prescriptive" in this sentence: He may claim the privilege of stablished fame and prescriptive veneration.

the pronunciation of "Cnaeus"

Best regards

Hello David (sorry for the late reply!),

"Slent" is just an old spelling of "slant", which in this context has the following meanings:
1. to veer or angle away from a given level or line [of reasoning].
2. to have, or be influenced by, a subjective point of view, bias, personal feeling or inclination, etc.

"Prescriptive veneration" means that, in such a case, veneration is prescribed (mandated, ordained, bidden, required) by law or custom.

As for "Cnaeus"; it was a variant of "Gnaeus" (one of Caesar's first names, which many of his descendants also used). In English, the "G" is silent, but how they pronounced it in Ancient Rome I don't know. You may want to ask an expert in Latin about that.

Hope this was helpful! :-)

- Tue Sorensen


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