hello tue thanks again for your answer  you are right reading and speaking with natuve speakers improve ones english proficiency vastly  somebody recommended that i read all kinds of literature like newspaper magazines  watch tv movies and listen to university lectures which some think that would boost my power of english speaking aswell as written what is your expert opinion val dillon

Hello Val,

It all depends on which level you are on. Your poor attention to basic punctuation (which is something you really should work on) tells me that you are not yet on a particularly high level. This suggests that the best thing for you is to read whatever you feel is challenging you and improving your skills. You have to work hard at getting better, which means looking up difficult words in dictionaries all the time. Also, try to be interested in many different subjects (art, science, history, literature), so you also pick up some great knowledge while you train your vocabulary. Knowledge is really important in giving you a well-rounded education, and it enables you to be better at evaluating all sorts of things.

Keep reading!
- Tue Sorensen


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