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hello tue good morning how are you,
   can i ask one question to you , firstly, inorder to be a good writer you first must read alot  so inorder to be a great fluent speaker of the english language you have to speak,hear and understand what others are talking about... does reading also contribute to one becoming a perfect intelligible speaker aswell  you're the perfect expert so what are thoughts on this please reply   god bless   val dillon

Hello Val,

Yes, I think reading contributes to your language skills also. It gives you a large vocabulary that you can use when you're speaking the language. If you want to be a writer, reading is more important than speaking, but if you want to speak well, practise is probably the best way to achieve it. To live among English-speakers, and interact with them, is the most efective way to learn English well. A voice coach could also train your oral skills, if you can afford one. Being an actor in England will also get you into contact with a lot of highly disciplined voice actors, which would have a great effect on your own speaking skills.

- Tue Sorensen


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