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hello tue how are you?  i just need to ask you what is the full meaning of the term 'complex ideologies'  in books and movies ...thankyou ever so much ...dillon

Hi Val,

Well, most ideologies are complex. You can look up the meaning of "ideology" on the net - it refers mainly to political ideologies (whether, for instance, you subscribe to a conservative ideology, a centrist ideology or a socialist ideology), but it is in fact any system of ideas and rules, often within strict and rigid frames that exclude the chance of contamination from competing ideologies. Any field of knowledge has its own ideologies; its own sets and systems of ideas that pertain to the subjects and problems of the given field. When people in a particular area of knowledge, or even a business, disagree with each other, it is typically because they believe in different (maybe even irreconcilable) ideologies. In complex fields, incl. politics, the ideologies that people have also tend to be very complex, that is to say, full of details and general rules and exceptions to those rules, and ammendments to the rules, etc. Sometimes the complexity becomes so impenetrable that many people cannot keep track of the system of rules in a given ideology. That's what is meant by "complex ideologies".

In terms of books, complex ideologies will typically be different kinds of literary criticism. The major trends in literary criticism include such complex ideolgies as Marxism, Russian Formalism, New Criticism, New Historicism and many others - see a list here:

In terms of movies, many of the same kinds of critical ideologies that are used in literary criticism are also used in the analyses of movies (check out this:, and they often also contain elements of political ideologies, since each individual critic is often interested in an interpretation that vindicates his political point of view.

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