can i ask a question does wider reading of all kinds of books improve ones ability to write well and speak intelligibly  ..

Hi Val,

Oh yes, you bet it does! It will improve your vocabulary, and therefore increase your range of understanding. All writers read a lot; because the more you read, then more you can see what constitutes good writing, and the more you will be inspired and qualified to write well yourself. I can only recommend that you read a lot. Find book series you like, and use your library extensively. There are more interesting things in the world than you can imagine, and there are great books written about all of them! Just waiting for you to dig in!

One of the statesmen of the Ancient Roman Empire, Cicero, said: "A room without books is like a body without a soul." A good quote to keep in mind!

Most problems in the world, both personal and social, come from the fact that most people are terribly ignorant. About science, art, literature, world affairs, politics. All the greatest writers say that "ignorance is the only sin"; if you acquire a lot of broad general knowledge by way of extensive reading, most problems will have obvious solutions, and you will become an intelligent person who can help make the world a better place. No lie! :-)

- Tue Sorensen


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