hello what is the significance about the 'dagger scene an illusion witnessed by macbeth to the play as a whole? ..thanks val

Hey Val,

There is no correct answer to a question like that. It is simply intended to stimulate you to some kind of intelligent discussion. You could speculate that the dagger scene, being an illusion, could be compared with Macbeth's meeting with the witches, which also has an illusory quality. And the scene with the ghost of Banquo. And finally, you could compare the dagger scene to the overall theme of the play, which is Macbeth's overreaching ambition. He wants to be king, and will do anything (spurred on by his wife) to achieve it. The dagger is a symbol of this; he's grasping for it like he's grasping for the throne, and once he achieves it he may not be able to actually use it for anything. Even kingship itself could be an illusion, like the dagger.

Just discuss points like this, with arguments pro and con, and textual examples to back up your case. As long as you read the play and understand the basic plot points, it's easy! :-)

- Tue Sorensen


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