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hello again i apprecative of your intellect it has helped me quite alot ...can you tell me in reference to film and books what is neo clolonialism and psychoanalysis in detail because i find these 2 topics a little challenging ...thankyou val

Well, Val,

You can bet I find these topics challenging as well! I don't really know anything about neo-colonialism, other than what is on Wikipedia: - it is apparently akin to imperialism, where powerful (usually Western) nations exploit weaker (usually developing) nations, which is what the rich world have largely been doing to the poor world  ever since we first colonized them. Even after their independence, a lot of countries in especially Africa were - and is still - ruled by corporations in league with local politicians who have been bribed to look favorably on the projects of the Western corporations. This means that African countries are essentially forced to grow coffee for Western markets, or mine diamonds for the major diamond trading companies (as seen in the rather excellent movie "Blood Diamond"), or, of course, extract oil at the behest of the big American oil and car companies. This exploitation of the developing countries is what has been termed neo-colonialism, because it is still a form of ongoing colonialism. Themes relating to this phenomenon are common in literature and movies with progressive messages.

As for psychoanalysis; this is essentially the model of the mind, and how to heal mental illness through therapy, that Sigmund Freud ( invented in the early 20th century. The model consisted of a three-tier model of the mind, consisting of the subconscious "id" (emotions and drives), the conscious self called the "ego", and the moral codes and habitual behaviour instilled in us by our culture, called the "super-ego". In Freudianism, the mind was conceived as made up of these three (the "ego" being the intersection between the "id" and the "super-ego"), and every person also went through a number of stages of maturation in life. Freud came up with many theoretical terms of analysis which have since been almost entirely abandoned, such as "penis envy" in women and "the Oedipus complex". Psychoanalysis forms the basis of modern psychology, but has been developed far beyond Freud's early ideas (I don't think the id/ego/super-ego model is used anymore). Psychoanalysis, in the form of psycho-therapy, is an analytical conversation between the therapist and the patient, which supposedly results in the therapist being able to diagnose the illness of the patient, and offer a possible cure. Variations of this technique is used today in psychological treatment around the world. It is often featured in thriller movies, and also often used in thematic/symbolic forms by the director and screenplay writer. Almost any scary thriller or horror movie has elements of psychology, and hence, indirectly, psychoanalysis, the protagoists being subjected to therapy and analysis by the film-maker. These genres of movies are about the fragility and fearfulness of the typical human mind when subjected to highly stressful situations.

Besides this, I recommend you do some research of your own into these subjects.

Good luck,
- Tue


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