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hello tue thankyou very much for your answer what i like to ask you now is i was told by another that there is an existence of difference between post modernity and postmodernism  ...what do you think?

Hello again Val,

Yes, there is a difference, and it is a bit difficult to distinquish. But while postmodernism (and any -ism) is an IDEOLOGY that we apply to various kinds of discourse, postmodernity is a CULTURAL CONDITION; a blanket term for our entire cultural state of being after modernity. Theorists like Habermas and Lyotard define modernity and postmodernity as the entire trends and aggregates of change (since the Modern Era began) that make up cultural activity and drive the development of society. Progress and constant change, for instance, are a manifestation of modernity, while postmodernity is characterised by ideas of progress having become obsolete and less desireable. Depending on what the ideological stance of the individual observer is, postmodernity can be seen as either a positive or a negative thing.

The brief way to describe it is that postmodernism is a way of thinking, and postmodernity is a cultural way of being. Postmodernism relates to a subjective observer; postmodernity can be investigated as a form of cultural object (albeit a very, very complex and multifacetted one).

Hope this made sense.
- Tue Sorensen


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