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Hello Mr. Sorensen,
I have this quote from a book called The bluest eye, by Tony Morison. Even though it is not from Shakespeare I thought you would know this as a literature expert.
"He was engaged in a line of work that was dependent solely on his ability to win the trust of others, and one in which the most intimate relationships were necessary."
What does this quote mean? I have no idea what it means, I just know that it is personification.
Thanks a lot.

Hello Gabriela,

What is it you don't understand about this quote? Is it the direct meaning, or do you think it symbolizes something? I find the phrasing straightforward; it means just what it says. The description is in reference to "a line of work", and what this line of work is should be apparent from the context; from the further explanation in the book. I haven't read the book, but I found an excerpt online ( - the second sentence in the second paragraph).

The lines of work mentioned are "caseworker", and subsequently, "Reader, Adviser, and Interpreter of Dreams." What the latter means, I don't know without more context. You might want to ask your teacher about that.

- Tue Sorensen


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