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I just recently read the book mentioned in the subject, and I have to do a dialectical journal on said book, but honestly I don't really know what this book is about even after reading it. Could you perhaps shed some light on this?

Hello Bryce,

Unfortunately, I have not read this collection of short stories, so I can't advice you very well. Try typing in "tell me a riddle analysis" in Google Search and check out the discussion in the links. From what I see on Wikipedia, the stories do contain a lot of substance, both historical, political and personal, so it shouldn't be too hard to say something interesting about them. All you have to do is apply your own ideas and attitudes to the situations in the stories, and find out how you feel about them. Then write down your thoughts. I can promise you that there are no specific, correct answers; these kinds of assignments are intended for you to exhibit independent thought and supply your own opinions about the subject matter. Discuss the elements that intrigue you, and pepper your text with a few quotes from the stories that illustrate your points. All that is really required is some thoughts in your head and the desire to apply them to the stories and discuss them! With conviction and good argumentation, preferably! :-)

Hope this helped a little bit. Good luck!

- Tue Sorensen


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