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tue this a question to you personnely.. after you graduated how much out of 100 percent did you remember of all that you covered in your study. and my second question is which shakespeare play would be beneficial to uplift my spirits and make me more course they are very deeply elite and poetic works but which one of the many i am sure you had studied is the one i will profit from the most....this just plainly to educate me a little.....for many decades his name had been the mentioning in folk tales told to children and well known songs to much much more as you can imagine    thanks and you are the greatest no doubt!  val

Hello Val,

Well, no one remembers *everything*. I wasn't super-motivated in high school (if that's what you are referring to), and I didn't have great teachers, so I'd say I probably remembered no more than 50-75% of what I studied. But I had many interests besides my specific studies, and I've made a point out of continuously educating myself further. But memory retention depends a lot on your emotional associations to what you study: If you like it a lot, you will remember it well. If it's boring, you won't remember it very well. The trick, therefore, is to try to motivate yourself to be joyous and enthusiastic in your acquisition of knowledge and literature. Try to study broadly, and look up additional material related to your studies so you can put it all into a larger perspective and evaluate it better. Read what others have said about the subject and probe into the causes of why the object of your study is interesting and significant. You can even make the material more interesting by actively associating it with memorable imagery. If, for instance, you visualise great colours and imagine beautiful sounds and sceneries in connection with what you are studying, you will no doubt remember it much better.

The most cheerful Shakespeare plays are As You Like It and Much Ado About Nothing. Check out the 1993 movie version of the latter; it is fantastic! :-)

- Tue


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