my past was and still is a little abberatted.i have drug dealers who are of the sheer psychotic kind  reside right next to me and due to the fear and deppresion caused by their on going  bad behaviour i find at times less energy and enthusiasm in my is not to say it is like that for the majority of the time but sometimes my attention units divert elsewhere.....tue tell me something and i know there is not much relevance to your expertise but if you were in my circumstances and  had to move out of a 1st floor large size flat to a 20 percent smaller accomodation like a bungalow would it affect you by feeling a little cramped because the new accomodation is a little smaller...please reply

Hello Val,

If the new place (the bungalow) were in a much better and more calm neighborhood, then I would definitely appreciate the move. Size isn't everything; peace of mind *is* everything! For me personally, it would be fine, because it would allow me to focus more on my writing, which is the important thing. You need to have a project (or several) to work on; you need to have something you want to achieve, and which you can concentrate on, letting nothing else get in the way. What is important is what interests you deeply and personally. Do you want to improve your skills and your understanding? Do you want to make a mark on the world by working on a project with a good theme and a strong message? Then read a lot and practice your writing every day, and choose some projects that really motivate you to continue studying and writing. Invest your mind into the minds of other authors and find out what is really important to you. With some good projects you can improve yourself and help make a better world at the same time. That is what I am trying to do.

- Tue


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