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there is a very serious and famous politician of the british government who's spirit filled with awesome dedicated devotion and  who previously worked his way to the top to home secretary level by the name of david blunkett and nationally well known for his infamous role aswell as the famous is where the difference lies tue...he is 'blind' and has infact never seen a single word and has never read a single word but astonishingly he bacame an intellect ..shocking and deterministic question in the horizon whilst awed in amazment that how can he go that far and be just as qualified and able and intelligent then the prime minister without his eyes? please answer  val


Well, there is no single rule that determines why people succeed or become good at something. It's a little bit different for everybody, and for disabled people it is probably a lot different. If you can't see, you will have learned to depend more on your other senses, especially hearing and touching. And remember, there are books for blind people, which can be read with the fingers; this language is called "braille". Most successful blind people have probably read a lot of books in braille.

Also, spirit and determination is all-important in realizing your dreams and ambitions. The more you want something, the more it will be within reach. You just need to decide to learn whatever is required to fulfill your plans, and learn it well. Will-power is a strong force; if you make a strong decision to use your mind and memory better, your intellectual skills will probably improve over time. One of the keys to dynamic thinking and efficient learning is simple enthusiasm; mustering the desire to be deeply interested in the relevant subjects. The greater a general joy of life you can achieve, seeing the beauty and the connections in all things, the easier it will be for you to learn and excell. Happiness is a great engine of excellence, which also means it is important to change your life so that your personal environment and circumstances make you as happy as possible. That, at least, is my belief and philosophy. I hope it will work for you as well! :-)

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