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lets say for example we had a student who is interested say in political sciences or something of make the point that one remains constant inorder that he significantly improves.if he does not have real emotional interest in his studies then he will not improve no matter how hard and for how long he tries.he must have desire as fuel aswell as determination within to succeed...what is your own personel persective on this issue?  this is interesting issue

Hello again, Val,

Yes, one must WANT to learn and to achieve good results. Interests and abilities usually go together; if someone has a successful learning experience, he will also tend to be interested in repeating it and intensifying it, to see how far he might go. But such interests shouldn't be forced; they should emerge by way of gentle encouragement. The best way to achieve good results in a student is to trust in human nature. A healthy person is a curious person, who wants to understand and to ask questions and to learn how things work. The natural dynamism of the human mind will make inquiries and possess a desire for discoveries, and this should be encouraged. But if someone is not emotionally healthy and has been understimulated in childhood or raised in a harsh manner, this person will probably have learning difficulties. Such a person will find it hard to be emotionally interested in detailed studies, and maybe he can be taught to develop an interest in studying, but maybe he cannot. This will depend on each individual case. But it is important to be aware of the need to be well-motivated through fascination and curiosity; to see the beauty of each field of knowledge, and to want to study it. If people are made aware of this, and really understand it, I believe that even those with learning difficulties can start to learn things and study more efficiently than before.

- Tue Sorensen


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