my i.q. is within the vicinity of 121 and have been told from time to time that at this level of intelligence is of no problem that anyone with i.q. of 120 plus can achieve excellance in most subjects with just phenomenal amounts of practise.some people take that with value others non surprisngly look on this as nothing that deserves no more then mental suspension...but i get the feeling though you may tell me something that is purely of difference?

Hello Val,

Intelligence quotient is just a number. No one really knows what intelligence is. The only thing an IQ test tells you is how good you are at solving that particular test. In any case, you have free will and the mind is a very dynamic thing which can be trained and honed. So never feel that you are subject to certain limitations based on rigid numbers or categories. You are free to shape yourself and your future destiny. You just need to set goals and try your hardest to achieve them.

What do you want in life? Do you want to be a writer? A teacher? An artist? A scientist? It's a good thing to have dreams and aspirations; something to shoot for. And keep in mind that the possibilities are endless - if one plan doesn't pan out, just follow another. Keep learning, keep reading, keep writing; keep your mind alive and working. Then you will also be developing your intelligence.

- Tue


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