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i know life has endless oportunities if one ambition does not work out then follow another......say tue do you know of anyone who tried his entire life to be excellant at something but was not good enough and everyone told him to do something else ...but one day miraciously he started becoming good and very good and shocked everybody to prove them wrong..has there been these kind of cases?  
if you allready have a spark of potential then it is likely one will succedd in that field? what is your view?
and thirdly if you wanted to become a broadcast journalist for television as this is one of the hardest proffessions to get into could you acually do it?


YES, trust me: history is FULL of people who suddenly succeed where everyone else thought they would fail. One of the most recent cases is the new engine developed by Robert Shawyer, based on a principle that science doesn't fully understand yet. He was ridiculed for years, but now it turns out that his engine actually works:

There are similar cases with many authors, who started out not being very good, but ended up selling an enormous amount of books; this is especially true in the self-publishing field that has emerged in the last several years. Authors who don't write very well but sell a lot of books include Dan Brown, Stephenie Meyes, Veronica Roth and E.L. James. Even Stephen King didn't write very well in the first many years of his career. But if you keep at it, and have good ideas, and write in a popular genre, even bad writing will not stop you selling books (over in the United States, the horribly written "Left Behind" series of religious novels is a great sales success).

I collect comic books, and I also have an example from that field: Marvel Comics writer Kurt Busiek used to be a pretty bad writer when he first appeared. But then, around 1993, he read a particular book on writing ("The Fiction Editor" by Thomas McCormack), and started understanding how to structure a good story. From then on he was suddenly a great writer, who did the one great comics saga after the other. Quite a success story!

I don't know much about broadcast journalism, but if that is what you want to do, then acquaint yourself with all the requirements and make sure to live up to each one of them - preferably to such a great degree that you will out-compete your rivals for the job. It may be a steep learning curve and a hard journey to get there, but if you have faith in yourself, anything is possible. You need to read well, speak well, look good, and have a strong drive to do your work with such passion that people around you will be impressed. To begin with, you might want to set your sights a bit lower, aiming for the kind of position that is a stepping stone to becoming a broadcast journalist. And, again, don't put all your eggs in one basket; have some back-up plans in case your first choice doesn't pan out.

Good luck,
- Tue


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