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the last answer is very well put with greater substance and will be put into endorsment in my everyday life....if an individual says he or she can't get any better then somewhere between the lines there harbouring is a little lie trying to discourage him? what is your answer to that ......the second thing is yopu said you are writing a book and i know with each page encapsulates life to the core and so prompts me immedaitely to ask what is the mane of the book and what are the messages of it?  i am interested tue.  val


You can always improve yourself and your skills. This is a fact. As long as you live and have a mind, you can use your mind to work with your skills and get better and better. I often think that a main problem with most people is that they don't think of themselves as intellectual creatures. This is why they keep having all sorts of (especially emotional) problems. If they understood that their lives should be governed by rational control and knowledge, and that this would bring them peace and competence, they would be much happier, and able to contribute more to humanity's progress.

I am actually working on several books. The first books I plan to write are mainly about Shakespeare, but my messages about him are tied in with my general ideas about my scientific world-view. The messages I want to bring across in my books is that reason and emotion are basically the same. Emotion cannot truly be irrational, because our emotional capacity has evolved in nature; evolved for a reason. Our emotions are part of human nature, if only we could use them like we are supposed to. The root cause of human misery in the world today (and throughout recorded history) is that we do not yet understand ourselves. This makes us insecure and sometimes even cruel, because we are fearful of what we do not understand.

But science has come a long way and it can make us understand our nature, and how to use our emotions in constructive ways. I believe that reason is a new way of using emotion. Rational structures are made of some emotional raw material of the brain, and the great task of the modern era is to explain exactly how this works: to identify the material/scientific basis of emotion. To explain love and joy and the life motivation in scientific terms. When we do that, we will understand ourselves much better and be able to control our emotional and rational faculties to a much greater degree, which will make it much easier for us to improve our skills and general knowledge. However, this can only happen effectively if society is also transformed in accordance with these insights, since we need to be highly emotionally encouraged by mutual love and understanding in order to get the full benefits of this new self-knowledge.

None of my books are done yet, and it will be at least a year or two before anything is ready for publication. My first book may be a Danish translation of a Shakespeare play, which I am currently working on. I don't recall if any of your earlier questions to me were about Shakespeare; have you read any of his plays? If not, you should try. Reading Shakespeare is actually a great way of increasing your intelligence, because there is so much poetic beauty and so many puzzles for the reader's mind to wonder about. And the better you understand Shakespeare, the better you will understand the human mind and yourself.

- Tue


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