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i allways end up forgetting nearly 20 percent of what i have this natural and where the intellectual heavyweights are concerned would this be natural for even them to forget some of their work,it is hugely dissappointing where one is dreaming of becoming deeply elitist then abit of memory loss invades you and lets you down....are there techniques that would improve memory loss incase you know of anything that is medicinal that can finally cure you know of any books that can help improve memory tue? please help because you are the best! val

Hello Val,

When reading, almost nobody remembers *everything*. If you remember 80% of what you read, that's actually pretty damn good!

Having said that, there certainly do exist ways and techniques to improve your memory. Check out some of the books in this link:

A book I also like a lot is "Tony Buzan's Book of Genius", which is about all the things that genuis-level people have in common, and how many of these are attainable for anybody. It is his observation that, the more you learn, the more you also increase your capacity for learning. To get better means that you get better at getting better!

- Tue


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