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tue is it a natural element of things that one who busily engages so much into the field of study may from time to time feel physiological disorder of the mind like confusion,heavy headedness,mental blockage,dizzyness etc is it perfectly natural and is experienced by even the highly ablest of students or is it just me? you have experience of your own concerning this? i like to know your views on this issue   val


Something like that would depend entirely on what your life situation is. If, for some reason, whether in the past or in the present, you are or were subjected to a daily life of some stress or pressure or diffcult circumstances, then it is understandable that you would experience mental fatigue. You must also remember to relax your mind now and again, for instance by leaning back and watching an entertaining movie, or taking a walk somewhere with peaceful surroundings (like grass and trees).

Whenever you feel heavy-headed, take a short break to recharge your energy. Taking many short breaks in your studying is a good strategy if you're feeling dizzy or blocked. But also remember to regularly look back at what you've been reading, and summarize it to yourself in your head; this will make you remember it better. A break is a good way to relax while you let your thoughts fly freely around, thinking about what you have been reading, and applying it to what you already know.

Hope this was of help. And remember is that joy and optimism is the greatest way of oiling the machinery of your brain, making it run smoothly. Take joy in what you learn, and remember that all the connections between the things you understand are BEAUTIFUL and make you comprehend everything better and better. The brain is fantastic and always wants to understand ever more. Difficulties exist to be overcome. But also realize your own limitations, and relax your mind when you feel the need to. Perhaps, when you feel stressed, all you need is a couple of minutes of rest. Just the time it takes to make a cup of tea. :-) Other times you may need a longer rest. Listen to the signals of your own body, and do what feels right.

- Tue


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