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Hello, Garrett!

I am trying to identify the type of this sonnet(for my university course), it is either Shakespearian or Petrarchan sonnet. Here it is:

The sonnet is a diamond flashing round
From every facet true rare coloured lights;
A gem of thought carved in poetic nights
To grace the brow of art by fancy crowned;
A miniature of soul wherein are found
Marvels of beauty and resplendent sights;
A drop of blood with which a lover writes
His heart's sad epitaph in its own bound;
A pearl gained from dark waters when the deep
Rocked in its frenzied passion; the last note
Heard from a heaven-saluting skylark's throat;
A cascade small flung in a canyon steep
With crystal music. At this shrine of song
High priests of poesy have worshipped long.
(by Edward Burrough Brownlow)

I have a form like this: abba abba cddc ee
At first it looks like a Petrarchan sonnet because of the form of the octave abba abba, but at the end of the sonnet it has ee... I can't manage. Please, I need your help.

Thanks in advance!
Best regards from Moscow.


I would definitely say this falls under the category of Petrarchian with that small couplet at the end being different than what Petrarch (but other "Italian sonnet" writers) usually wrote.  But it being an Italian sonnet (in English), absolutely!

The Petrarchian sonnet is much more flexible than the other styles in this regard, and has many options and variations - unlike the Spenserian and Shakespearian which are extremely concrete in their rules.

Here are three other variations in addition to yours (which is correctly an Italian sonnet)...

a b b a a b b a c d e c d e
a b b a a b b a c d c d c d
a b b a a b b a c d c d e e



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