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Dear Tue Sorensen,

I have two questions regarding the importance of the tragedy 'Macbeth' and William Shakespeare;
Why is learning and reading about Macbeth important for students and how has Shakespeare made a positive impact of the world of literature?

Thank you for your time, it is much appreciated

Hello Sophie,

It is important to read Macbeth (or any other Shakespeare play) because Shakespeare's plays are considered the best and most poetic literature and art ever created. This means that it is packed with thoughts and ideas which are very powerful and has had enormous influence in history and literature. Shakespeare's characters are the most complex and realistic in all of literature, and can be analyzed as if they were real people. Shakespeare's works always contain deep elements that we can think about and interpret in many different ways. For this reason, Shakespeare's works have been the subject of a growing library of critical analysis, far greater than those devoted to any other writers. To understand Shakespeare in depth it is necessary to acquire a large vocabulary, and this is useful for many other educational purposes as well.

Shakespeare's impact on the world of literature and language is greater than that of any other writer. By general consent, Shakespeare has the largest vocabulary of any writer, the most poetic phrases, the deepest characters and the most consistent plots. As such his works have been an inspiration to the majority of great writers since then, and many of his phrases have become popular proverbs in everyday speech. Shakespeare's works contain many mysterious elements which we are still in the process of unlocking; Shakespeare was one of the greatest geniuses who ever lived, and when we are one day capable of understanding his work in greater detail, he will have a lot of useful messages for us about human nature and the development of history based on human nature. His works are like scientific experiments which are still running, and will eventually prove how the human mind works, when we have enough knowledge to understand Shakespeare's context (i.e. the assumptions that he made, but did not put into his works).

- Tue Sorensen


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