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Literature/Suggest me some topics for Shakespeare & Milton's projects?


Hello, I'm a English Literature student. I'm going to make a Project on William Shakespeare and John Milton. As I said, it's an English project, So please suggest me some good topics/title for both the projects. Also please give me some general tips and ideas. Please help, its very urgent....any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance!

Dear Paakhi,

Please narrow the scope of your request; it's way too broad. What works are you planning to use in your project? What kind of lens do you want to focus on (e.g. the supernatural, morality, form/structure of the narrative, gender roles, power, etc.)?

My concept of helping students through All Experts is to walk them through their own ideas and help them refine them. When I was applying to graduate school, the dean of the English department asked me to identify possible topics for my Masters' thesis. From that point, I was informed of what was workable and what was not. I could not go into his office empty-handed and expect him to pick my topic for me.

Select a major work of both authors (e.g. "Paradise Lost" and "Venus and Adonis,") and examine what major lens (theme) you believe will generate a good amount of ideas in comparing and contrasting both works. You should also read some critical essays on your selected works to see what the academic discussions have been throughout the years with regards to these works.

Once you have an idea of what you want to study, the topic of interest you want to pursue, and some knowledge of the scholarship written, you will then be in a position to receive suggestions.

Best regards,

Sam Noel


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