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"In what ways and for what reasons does the author of your novel seek to represent thought or interior consciousness

This is a question for my outside (run rabbit) by john updike reading book from  school however I do not know what the questions specifically means or what i have to answer. I'm also a sophomore in high school (age 16)


Okay - the question is, basically: how and why does the author show what his characters are thinking and feeling? You need to look at the ways in which the author describes his characters' thoughts and motivations. So you need to focus on places in the text where the characters' thoughts and inner workings are revealed to the reader, and the techniques that the author uses to reveal and describe them. There aren't necessarily any correct answer to the question - you should just provide your own observations of how the author creates the characters by showing what they think and feel, and which reasons he gives for their behavior. Pick out a few scenes where a major character is thinking or reasoning or experiencing something, and write how this is done, and what you think about this way of showing it. Is it effective? Does it succeed in establishing an impression of what that character is like, and giving him or her a convincing inner life? Does the character seem alive and believable to you, based on how the author describes it? Just put any thoughts of your own into the paper and back up your observations with textual quotes and logical arguments. You can do it! :-)

- Tue Sorensen


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