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Hi. I'm looking for terminology, specifically, when a storyteller rewrites a classical tale and modernizes the objects and elements of it (for example, a sword in the original story might now be a gun, or a horse might now be a car), is there a literary term for that?
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This is a tough one - mainly because there isn't necessarily one universal term we use.  The word "adaptation" would be the closest, as the story has setting/technology/character adaptations that serve a purpose.  In Billy Morrissette's film Scotland, PA, Morrissette adapts Macbeth to a comedy set in a 1970's fast food restaurant to retell the story in a modern, humorous fashion while making a nod to 1970's culture and an uptick in American Consumerism.  He had to adapt some things so that they would make sense, though, for instance rather than Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane, it is the vegetarian McDuff that comes to the meat-pushing fast food restaurant that eventually undoes the empire of McBeth, King of Burgers.

Another term is "interpretation," but any time a work of art needs to be changed, it sort of takes both into consideration - both the new artist's interpretation of the original text, and then their new adaptation into the new work of art.  I have heard the term "transmutation," "reenvisioning," and even the very limiting "remixing" or "remaking" as well.  

I would stick with adaptation.


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