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I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and intend to pursue a master's degree in literature. My particular interest is in literary criticism; I feel this area Woyld use both my areas of academic history. I am relatively familiar with psychoanylitic criticism. My question is if there are schools of criticism for other araes of psychology? Specifically behavioral or cognitive psychology? These are the areas that currently dominate the psychology field, but I cannot seem to find any information about these other types.

Thank you!

Hello Jacob

Psychoanalytic criticism tends to capture many elements of psychology, and also some cross-discipline elements such as the overlap of Jung's archetypes (Man and His Symbols) which then were repurposed by Joseph Campbell in his research (and A Hero With A Thousand Faces). The short answer is yes, but the main thing to consider is where this information falls within the text at all times as opposed to attaching outside information.

You may find it useful to read about all of the lenses of New Criticism in the humanities (and that will inform the many ways that your question is applicable...and answered). I would suggest reading the websites I pasted below, as well as checking the above two books out of the library along with How To Read Literature Like A Professor, A Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature, Praising It New: The Best of the New Criticism, and Practical Criticism: A Study Of Literary Judgment, as well as any of the Bloom's guides to your favorite books.


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